Matt LeBlanc Vs Matthew Perry: Which ‘Friends’ Star Has A Higher Net Worth In 2021?

Considering how they’ve worked closely together on the hit sitcom for a decade, we’re sure that even if those claims were true, those feelings eventually faded as the show went on. The show’s reunion was good evidence of that and many other things about the Friends cast’s impenetrable bond. But there’s something the show didn’t reveal about LeBlanc and Perry. After all these years, it’s interesting to know which of the two Matts actually have a higher net worth in 2021. Lucky for you, we have the answer.

How Much Did Matt LeBlanc And Matthew Perry Make In ‘Friends’?

By the ninth season of Friends, the cast was reportedly making $1 million each per episode. Until now, they also earn $20 million between them in royalties per year. That’s their 2 percent cut from the show’s annual syndication rights earnings amounting to $1 billion. During the reunion, each of the six lead actors also earned at least $2.5 million. That’s pretty huge for a day spent revisiting their former set and hanging out with friends.

Of course, LeBlanc and Perry didn’t get the same break as Aniston did. They kept working after the series, but they surely didn’t attain the level at which the Along Came Polly actress continues to work. The Friends duo has also taken very different paths following their roles as Joey and Chandler.

Matt LeBlanc’s Net Worth As Of 2021

After Friends, Matt LeBlanc went on to have his own show Joey, a Friends spin-off that only lasted two seasons. The now 53-year-old actor has also appeared in just a few movies following the 10-season hit series. All of them were minor roles, too. For 10 years after his spin-off’s failure, he didn’t get any project that put him back in the spotlight. Apparently, being the most good-looking friend didn’t do much for his career.

In 2016, LeBlanc graced television again when he landed the lead role in Man with a Plan. It ran for four seasons where he made $200,000 per episode. Definitely a huge drop from his Friends salary where he was already making a whopping $750,000 an episode by its seventh and eighth seasons. The actor also had a hosting gig in Top Gear for seasons where he made a total of $2 million — still a very low amount compared to his Friends earnings. To sum it all up, Matt LeBlanc has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

Mattew Perry’s Net Worth As Of 2021

Matthew Perry is actually the third-highest earner among the six Friends following second placer Courtney Cox who has an estimated net worth of $150 million. That’s just half of what top placer Jennifer Aniston is worth. Despite not starring in his own TV series like LeBlanc, Perry has his own non-acting strategies for making money. Of course, unlike his onscreen bestie, the now 51-year-old actor still ended up starring in major movie roles. Then again, they weren’t box office hits like Aniston’s string of films.

Matthew Perry focused on investing after Friends ended. Just like his character Chandler, he’s indeed a big saver. He has property investments including a penthouse in Hollywood which sold for about $15 million. The actor has an impressive net worth of $120 million despite his well-documented issues with substance abuse. Perry has always been open about his battle with addiction. Once he revealed that because of that, he doesn’t remember much of his role in Friends between its third and sixth seasons.

But hey, he’s still worth more than Matt LeBlanc. It goes to show that Matthew Perry has turned his life around in the last years to make sure his hard-earned Friends wealth doesn’t go to waste.

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