TV And Movie Characters Who We Believe Should’ve Been The Main Character

1. Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries

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“You can’t have her save the day every time and then relegate her to secondary status. Plus, she was much more interesting and exciting than Elena.”

2. Maeve Wiley from Sex Education

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“Otis is a good protagonist, but Maeve has such depth in her character and is such a pleasure to watch in every scene she’s in.”

3. Eloise Bridgerton from Bridgerton

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“I would FAR rather see Eloise’s struggle to independence than I would Daphne’s woes.”

4. Sandra from Superstore

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“I want to know what her life is like, especially with her hyper memory.”

5. Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad

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“Walter White irritated and bored me! Gus is a much more interesting character, and the story would have been so much better!”

6. Jemma Simmons from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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“Simmons rather than Daisy. She was the brains behind everything and made more mistakes than Daisy. She had a different way of thinking, and her badass-ness is more hidden, which I think is really cool.”

7. Storm from the X-Men franchise

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“Listen. I love Wolverine. I really do. But did almost every movie HAVE to be about him? Give me a Storm movie! A Magneto origin! A little something different, people!”

8. Nick Miller from New Girl

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“Hands down!!! It should have been called the Nick Miller Show.”

9. Any of the Weasleys from the Harry Potter franchise

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“Maybe not Percy 😂 , but I would literally take a movie about the Weasleys and give back all the Harry stuff if I could. Harry is a good character; I just don’t think he needed so many movies about him.”

10. Taystee from Orange Is the New Black

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“I know toward the end of the show, she did become more of the main focus and she got more flashbacks and stuff, but they really could’ve centered it around her more. Or literally anyone but Piper. In my opinion, Piper had no depth and was a boring main character. Taystee ended up changing the most from who she was at the beginning of the show and was just an amazing character to watch grow over the years.”

11. Raven Reyes from The 100

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“She saves humanity like four times and rarely gets credit for it. Plus, she’s Latina and disabled, two things that aren’t very common in television leads. She’s the smartest character on the show and is also sassy, assertive, and a little cocky. She’s just a lot more interesting than Clarke and ends up having a much more positive impact on the ending too.”

12. Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games franchise

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“It would be great to read from Prim’s point of view since she spends so little time with Katniss in the series!”

13. Karen and Jack from Will & Grace

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“I know I’m not the only one who thinks Karen & Jack would have made a way better show than Will & Grace.”

14. Dean Craig Pelton and Ben Chang from Community

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“I want to watch a Community spinoff starring them. It’s already a weird school, but focused more on them, it’d be even weirder. More costumes, Dalmatians, amnesia, mannequin parts, and most importantly, more greasing up an almost naked Chang so he can climb in the air vents!”

15. Janet from The Good Place

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“I would love a version of The Good Place all about Janet. Eleanor was a strong choice for the main character, but Janet had such a unique and compelling position within the show’s realm. Plus, she was hilarious!”

16. Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter franchise

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“She was the smartest one in the group, and she literally got them out of trouble most of the time. I like Harry and all, but still.”

17. Fat Amy from the Pitch Perfect trilogy

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“Definitely fat Amy!”


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