People Will Never Get Over These 11 TV Show Finales

After finally telling Dean that he loved him, Castiel sacrificed himself on Supernatural.

“They queered, baited their gays, and ended on a sour note. Cas had a right to expect more. It is crucial to have a representative.”

On Pretty Little Liars, it was revealed that Spencer had an evil British twin named Alex who tried to steal her identity and put an end to the liars’ lives for good.

“From previous seasons, there were so many unanswered questions and dead ends. After the finale, I felt like I’d wasted eight years of my life as if I’d been through the longest trolling session of my life.”

On Game of Thrones, Jon Snow assassinated Daenerys Targaryen, and Bran became King of Westeros after eight seasons of claiming he didn’t want to rule.

“I could write a book about what should and shouldn’t have happened in the last season. Most of the characters, in my opinion, were not given justice after their stories. I despised the ending because it was haphazard, untrue to the characters, and filled in plot holes with character deaths.”

On The Undoing, when the anticipated plot twist never materialized, Jonathan admitted to killing Elena Alves for real.

“Throughout the limited series, I was engrossed, but the ‘there is no plot twist’ plot twist irritated me. My entire family was aware of the impending doom. Because the show built up so much suspense to confuse the audience, it ended with too many unanswered questions.”

On The Vampire Diaries, when Katherine reappeared as the Queen of Hell and attempted to destroy Mystic Falls, she was defeated in less than an hour, and Stefan was sacrificed in the process.

“The finale was so bad that I don’t think it belongs in the same category as the rest of the series. It was as if a papercut had beaten the Joker or Thanos. MAKE SENSE OF IT!!!”

After six seasons of building up their friendship on The 100, Clarke killed Bellamy for no apparent reason.

“The entire previous season was a disaster, but Clarke’s senseless murder of Bellamy was the worst part. Out of spite, the showrunner went out of his way to destroy six years of buildup.”

On Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, when Sabrina gave her life to save the world and Nick committed suicide so he could be with her in the afterlife.

“They tried to cram way too much into the final season. There was a lot of work to done on it. Nick dying and then staying with Sabrina in the afterlife seemed like such a cheap shot to me. I wished they’d leave her alone; she seemed perfectly content. Nick appeared out of nowhere. It didn’t make sense to me.”

We finally met the mother after nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, only to have her murdered so Ted could marry Robin.

“If they’d ended the series with the mother’s death, they’d have had a lovely ending at their fingertips. The moral of the story (as told the children) would have been that all of the bad dates, messy breakups, bad choices, and silly shenanigans were necessary and worthwhile for him to meet his true love. That would have been a lovely and moving conclusion to a sometimes silly coming-of-age tale. Instead, they went with a simple, illogical, and unsatisfactory conclusion.”

On Veronica Mars, Veronica finally married Logan, her true love, only to have him killed in a car accident a few hours later.

“That conclusion ruined the entire series’ overarching love story, as well as Veronica and Logan’s character development. I expected the TV reboot to have some downturns after the fan-funded movie reboot ended on such a high note. Still, that ending was inexcusable and rendered the show nearly unwatchable. The storyteller who came up with that ending should be ashamed of themselves.”

When Dan revealed he was Gossip Girl on Gossip Girl, everyone forgave him for ruining their lives.

“How could they forgive Dan now that they know he’s from Gossip Girl?”

On The Originals, Klaus sacrificed himself to save his daughter, Hope, and Elijah didn’t want his brother to die alone, so they killed each other.

“I know my boys Elijah and Klaus didn’t shank themselves for Hope’s Legacies to be weak.”

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