Proof that Courteney Cox is Real Life Monica Geller

Monica Geller was a TOTAL neat freak, as anyone who has seen even one episode of the iconic show Friends knows.

Courteney Cox, who played Monica in the film, recently shared a video on Instagram that inspired me to channel my inner Monica.

“Tell me you’re a Monica without saying so. “I’ll go first,” she said, as Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” played in the background “in the background

The actor responded by pulling out a drawer full of cooking utensils. EVERYTHING had its own home and was in its proper place!

Imagine not having to rummage through your drawer for five minutes to find what you need.


Then she opened her spice cabinet, where EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT was stored in its container. And they were all labeled!


Then she opened her pantry door to find EVEN MORE organization!!


Courteney deserves significant props for summoning the energy to fill each of these containers after returning home from the store. For me, just going grocery shopping is a chore.

People in the comments section were naturally enthralled. “Monica is such a Courteney,” musician Joe Sumner said.

Courteney Cox was “born” to play Monica, according to one fan:

Actress Sarah Hoyland confessed to having an organizational orgasm:

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