Proof that Joey Tribbiani is an Actual Genius and Purest of Them All

Joey Tribbiani is a true genius—not a quiet genius, not a phony genius, but a genuine genius. I know, it’s a lot to take, especially if you’ve only seen him as a dunderhead. But take my word for it: Joey could be the smartest ‘Friends’ character ever.

He’s an actor

I realize this is a long shot, but please bear with me. Acting must be a difficult profession. He plays a variety of roles and, for all we know, he could be a true acting prodigy. When he played Al Pacino’s double, do you remember him? He was ejected from the set after being accused of “overacting.” I’m not sure what qualifies a man as a genius if he can make any part of his body act.

He knows a lot about the culture

Joey isn’t a math whiz or a science nerd, but he excels in culture. Joey is well-versed in literature, art, television, and movies. Remember when they used to play Pictionary? Joey guessed it was “The Unbearable Lightness Of Being,” a novel by Milan Kundera after Rachel drew a single bean-like thing (no one knows). Does anyone give a Dr. Seuss book as a gift? Indeed, he is a cultured man.

He’s a fast learner

Joey is quick to pick up on things, even though most people believe he is slow. He once assisted a woman in giving birth, and now he is an expert. It’s not easy to process these concepts, especially when everyone’s adrenaline is pumping, but he picked it up quickly and remembered it for later.

He’s pretty rational too

The fridge stopped working? Ate everything in it.

He doesn’t judge

He may err on the side of laziness, but his open-mindedness makes it easier for him to accept others. Joey doesn’t pass judgment and has a high level of self-esteem. Joey has progressed in the embrace of his feminine side throughout the series. As he’s grown to appreciate a handbag Rachel gave him and adore the way his female roommate has decorated their apartment, he’s become more sensitive about these things.

He hates lying

Joey appears to be both a genius and a truly good person. He had a hard time keeping the Monica-Chandler blunder a secret when they were caught up in it. He despised lying to his friends. “My name is Joey.” I’m revolting. At other people’s houses, I take off my underwear.”

He has his priorities straight

Chandler used to think he wasn’t doing anything special in his life until he quit his well-paying job to pursue his dreams. Before Ross realized he was going to be a father, he had to have a monkey hold his hand. Everyone in his immediate vicinity didn’t seem to have a single life goal. Joey, on the other hand, has simply followed his dreams regardless of the ups and downs in his life. With his hard work, he cultivated his career to blossom into something. When his mind is set on something, he does everything he can to keep it there until the problem is solved. That’s a man who takes his work seriously.

He gives really good pieces of advice

Joey Tribbiani’s two cents usually make sense, even if it may sound like “moo point” to some. He is usually the most effective when he puts himself in the shoes of the individuals involved. Joey could not be more perfect—an empathic guy with a brilliant mind.

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