Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Season Did NOT Resolve These Plots!

The final season of “Brooklyn 9 9” wrapped up the series in a neat little bow, to say the least. Before the final credits roll, most, if not all, of the series’ dangling plot threads are resolved, and each character gets their own proper sendoff. It’s all very heartwarming, and there are plenty of emotional moments that give it a satisfying conclusion.

Even as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” tries to appease fans, there are still many unanswered questions. Many of these inquiries even pertain to Season 8 situations. Unfortunately, most of the big questions will remain unanswered for the time being, as the finale of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” proves, just because things are ending doesn’t mean the future won’t be full of new surprises. Fans will, however, be left with unanswered questions for quite some time.

What happens with the police reform?

The squad’s push for police reform is one of the most pressing issues that the 99th precinct faces throughout Season 8. Tensions between police and citizens are at an all-time high following the George Floyd protests in 2020. Which the show includes and addresses. The police on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” intend to alleviate this tension through a new programme for police reform spearheaded by Amy (Melissa Fumero). Sadly, we never get to see the results of these efforts.

Granted, the season ends before we get to see Amy really put the new reform programme into action. Despite the fact that the final epilogue scene takes place a year after the Season 8 finale. Could have done more to show how far the New York Police Department has progressed as a result of Amy’s efforts. It’s safe to assume that the reform programme improves things in the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” universe, but fans will likely never know for sure.

How is Doug Judy fairing in Amsterdam?

While the Season 8 finale is dedicated to giving everyone in the 99th precinct a good sendoff. One of the season’s most beloved recurring characters receives the same treatment in an earlier episode. The Pontiac Bandit (Craig Robinson), Jake’s (Andy Samberg) best friend and arch rival, finally gets away from the law. Jake subtly assists Judy in his escape by slipping him a pen so that he can “mind freak” himself out of his handcuffs, as revealed at the end of the episode “PB&J.” Judy and his wife then flee to Amsterdam.

Apart from eating stroopwafels, we never see exactly what Judy does in Amsterdam. Hopefully, he will be able to get his life together with his family and live a happy life. He is using his musical and creative abilities to their full potential in an ideal world.

He has an uncanny ability to make people “smush,” and his ability to set the mood would not be overlooked in Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District. He believes he’s off robbing Dutch cars like there’s no tomorrow.

What will Jake’s relationship with his son be like?

The final episode of Season 8 of “Brooklyn9 9” will see Jake, Amy, Holt (Andre Braugher), and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) leave the precinct for good. Unlike the others, who leave their jobs to work on police reform, retire. Or work as a private investigator, Jake quits to do the one thing he’d always said he didn’t want to do: be a father. Jake decides to do everything he can to be a good father figure now that he and Amy have their infant son. Mac, which includes becoming a stay-at-home parent.

Jake’s time as a father is mostly skipped over before the epilogue, much like Amy’s police reform programme. Even so, the epilogue only has one brief scene set inside the 99th precinct. And while Amy and Jake are present, Mac is absent. So, while fans can assume Jake has been playing “super dad” off camera, they will never see it. Furthermore, unlike Boyle’s (Joe Lo Truglio) son, Nikolaj, fans will never get to see Mac grow up. Knowing how Jake felt about his own father as a child. It would have been a joy to see him do the exact opposite and be a good father to his own son.

How is Rosa’s love life?

Aside from Jake’s departure, the final episode of Season 8 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” contains a few other surprises. For example, Rosa’s old flame Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) makes a cameo appearance. That is, until he flies to Canada, barehanded, to take over a pack of wolves (along with a diamond mine). This occurs during one of the squad’s infamous heists. With the goal of Rosa stealing the prize from Amy in a stunning betrayal.

Rosa, on the other hand, expresses regret that she will never be with Adrian again after Adrian’s departure. But this is also a ruse. Rosa has learned that she doesn’t need a partner to be happy over the course of eight seasons of exploring her sexuality. In fact, she openly dismisses the notion that love is necessary for someone to live a happy life. Despite this, she continues to deceive Amy by implying that she is about to move in with her girlfriend, Deborah.

Her relationship with Pimento is obviously over, but what about Deborah? Is all of this made up, or is Rosa really smitten with some lucky lady? Unfortunately, we may never know for sure, and the show’s writers make Rosa is clearly living her best life. And fans don’t need to see a love interest to know that.

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