Stranger Things: 10 Characters Ranked According to Bravery

All the characters have had their outstanding support and bravery within the story. However, a few characters’ courage is immensely significant and stands out from the rest.

10. Billy Hargrove

With his bad-boy persona and violent nature, Billy is one of the most notorious characters in the show, but he does have a pivotal moment of bravery.

9. Will Byers

Will had many reasons to be terrified after everything that had happened to him, but he did show bravery in the fight against the Mind Flayer. He, perhaps more than others, was aware of how powerful the creatures of the Upside Down were, yet he continued to assist his friends in their fight. It wasn’t the same headstrong bravery as some other characters, but standing up to the Mind Flayer is a constant mental battle is still brave.

8. Mike Wheeler

Mike was a ‘fearless leader’ from the beginning, leading the search for Will, never giving up hope, and remaining loyal until the end. His bravery is evident in how he protected his friends at any cost.

7. Jonathan Byers

Jonathan’s quiet demeanor and shyness may appear to contradict his bravery, but he demonstrated that he could be all of those things at times. Jonathan was willing to fight the Demogorgon and the demo dogs to protect his family and friends, and he did so frequently throughout the three seasons.

6. Nancy Wheeler

Nancy appeared to be the “goody-two-shoes” older sister type at first glance, but she played an essential role in uncovering the secrets of the Upside Down. Demonstrates more bravery by her willingness to lead and achieve results regardless of the consequences.

5. Steve Harrington

Steve is one of the most adjustable characters on the show, and he has grown a lot throughout. He went from being Nancy’s arrogant boyfriend to one of Nancy’s most courageously supportive friends. Steve demonstrates more incredible bravery than the majority of the characters because he physically fought off the creatures of Upside Down and risked his own life to protect others.

4. Bob Newby

Although Bob was not a significant character in the series. He performed one of the most courageous acts, earning him a spot in the rankings.

3. Joyce Byers

Joyce deserves to be ranked first because of her bravery demonstrated by her unwavering willingness to go to hell and back to protect her children.

2. Jim Hopper

Without a doubt, Hopper is one of the most courageous characters. His actions and demeanor throughout the series are sufficient evidence.

1. Eleven

Eleven is, without a doubt, the most courageous character in the series. She repeatedly defended friends from the creatures of the Upside Down, sacrificing her own needs in the process.

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