Stranger Things: 20+ Facts About The Beautiful Stranger Things Star, Millie Bobby Brown

Stranger Things: 20+ Facts About The Beautiful Stranger Things Star, Millie Bobby Brown

She wasn’t even a blip on the radar when we first saw her. Millie Bobby Brown couldn’t have been more than a toddler when she first appeared on television. But for fans of brilliant acting, she was someone who would one day be huge in Hollywood. She first gained attention as Eleven, the (very) soft-spoken, tormented, and psychokinetic character in Netflix’s hit original series Stranger Things. The show follows a group of boys in the 1980s.  Who search after one of their friends mysteriously disappears in their small town. They will get in over their heads when supernatural & nefarious things begin to happen, and they are forced to fight not only for their lives but also for the life of the mysterious Eleven, who steps in to assist the boys in their search.

26. She’s Besties With Aaron Paul (He And His Wife Even “Adopted” Her)

25. Who Is She Dating? (You’d Be Surprised)

24. She’s Already A Style Icon

23. She’s OBSESSED With The Kardashians (And They Are Obsessed Back)

22. Her American Accent Is So Good, So Many People Are Fooled

21. She Was Born In Spain

20. Guess What? Drake Is ALSO One Of Her Besties

19. Stranger Things Was Not Her First On-Screen Role

18. Fans Of Grey’s Anatomy Will Know Her

17. Same With Fans Of Modern Family

16 . Are All The Kids On Stranger Things Friends?

15. She HATES All The Kissing Scenes She Has To Do On Set

14. She Voluntarily Shaved Her Entire Head

13. She Also Raps Too

12. What Are Her Thoughts On Playing A Young Princess Leia?

11. She’s A Social Media Queen

10. She Relishes In Her Zodiac Sign (Pisces)

9. She’s A Producer Even Though She’s Only 14

8. Wait? She Loves Boxing?

7. A Hollywood Scout Discovered Her

6. She Gets To Work With Her Actual Hero (Winona Ryder)

5. A LOT Of Money Went Into Making Her Dream Come True

4. Her Knowledge Of 80’S Movies Helped Land Her The Part

3. She’s Smarter Than Your Average Teenager

2. So Many Celebrities Want To Work With Her

1. She’s Turning Into One Of The Most Positive Young Role Models There Is

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