The 10 Biggest Secrets on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ The Characters Kept

How I Met Your Mother’s core group of friends were always close but they managed to keep some big secrets from one another over the show’s history.

Barney Was In Love With Robin

Barney realized he was in love with Robin shortly after they hooked up, and he spent an entire season secretly pining for her. Once Robin found out, the two of them ended up dating, so it might have paid off if he was honest from the start.

Marshall Took A Job As A Judge

Marshall took the job without telling Lily and went out of his way to keep her from seeing a Facebook photo that would reveal the truth. The whole situation was stressful to watch, and it led to one of the biggest fights they had ever had.

Lily’s Credit Card Debt

While How I Met Your Mother never reveals Lily’s exact amount of credit card debt, it’s a lot. Keeping the truth from Marshall was selfish as he wasn’t aware that when he married her he would also be going thousands of dollars into debt.

What Happened When Robin Watched Marvin

Each year that Robin went to visit Lily, a new detail was revealed that changed the entire story. By the time Lily got the whole truth, Robin was drinking at a strip club while Mike Tyson took care of Marvin across the table. To make matters worse, she had left Marvin alone with him while she went to use the bathroom.

Ted Hadn’t Broken Up With Victoria

Because of Ted’s lie, Robin was under the impression that Ted was single and she only finds out the truth because Victoria calls to talk to him. It drove a wedge between Ted and Robin, and it was a huge step back in their relationship.

Ted’s Parents Were Divorced

After Barney catches Ted’s father making out with Wendy the Waitress, his parents are forced to tell him that they separated years ago. They still tried to deny it, even after they got caught, which begs the question of how long they would have kept lying to him.

Barney And Robin Cheated With Each Other

It’s rare for either Barney or Robin to be in a serious relationship, but as the fates would have it, they both ended up in one at the same time. A cab ride home turns into much more, and Barney and Robin end up sleeping together and cheating on their partners.

Patrice’s Role In “The Robin”

It’s debatable whether this proposal was a sweet gesture or one of many red flags, but Patrice didn’t seem to have a problem with the act. She played her part a little too well and lied to Robin’s face every day.

Lily’s Second Pregnancy

Marshall and Lily’s fight about Rome was even worse than viewers expected, but things made more sense when Lily’s secret was revealed. The gang tries to figure out what Lily is hiding, and all is unveiled when they end up finding a positive pregnancy test.

Ted And Robin Broke Up

A few episodes before Marshall and Lily’s wedding, Ted and Robin return to the apartment covered in food. When asked what happened, they blow it off and act like it was nothing important. In the season finale, it’s revealed that Ted and Robin had actually broken up that night and were keeping it a secret for Lily and Marshall’s benefit. They didn’t want to ruin their wedding, so they continued to act like a couple until after the big day.

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