The 10 Wealthiest Gryffindor Characters from Harry Potter

With the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the much-anticipated reunion making headlines. It’s time to return to the Wizarding World and revisit some of the more daring characters who graced our screens. And see whose Gringotts Vaults are brimming with gold.

Fred And George Weasley


While this may seem surprising given The Weasleys’ infamous lack of wealth, their place has been earned through their efforts. Fred and George managed to make a tidy profit before the Second Wizarding War’s conclusion. The two chaotic pranksters took Harry Potter’s unwanted Triwizard earnings of 1,000 Galleons. They opened Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, which turned the twins from mischievous students to wealthy and successful business people due to the Diagon Alley shop’s popularity among students. Despite having to close during the war, George reopened the shop after Fred’s death and continued to run the business alongside Ron.

Parvati Patil

Following her failed date with Harry to the Yule Ball. Parvati and her twin sister, Padma, joined Dumbledore’s Army. Pansy Parkinson, a Slytherin student, had been a friend of the sisters before Hogwarts because Parkinson’s family is a member of the Sacred Twenty Eights. A group of powerful Pureblood families with their wealth. It can be assumed that the Patils were wealthy respected. And most likely Pureblood family themselves have such a close relationship with an arrogant upper-class family like the Parkinsons.

Neville Longbottom

While not all Pureblood families were wealthy, many were. Thanks to a rich inheritance and their extraordinary magical abilities passed down through the generations, despite their differing beliefs, the Longbottoms, another Sacred Twenty Eight family. We’re rich enough to be respected among the other Pureblood families. And if Neville’s terrifying grandmother’s (or a boggart Snape dressed as his grandmother) outfit is any indication. Neville was a wealthy Hogwarts student. While it’s true that Neville had a second-hand wand, it was inherited from his father. Frank Longbottom was most likely treated as an heirloom rather than a source of wealth as it was broken during the battle.


With his father imprisoned in Azkaban, Dumbledore grew up far from the luxurious environment. However, due to his extraordinarily long life and work as Headmaster of Hogwarts. Dumbledore would have made his fair share of gold as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and Supreme Mugwump of the Regional Confederation of Wizards.

Godric Gryffindor

While little is known about the Gryffindor founder’s personal life. While the other founders, notably Salazar Slytherin, would have contributed their fair share, Godric’s polite and kind nature suggests that he would have made an exemplary contribution to get Hogwarts up and running. His tenure as a professor there and his next celebrity would help him amass a few more Galleons. 

Cormac McLaggen

Cormac comes from a wealthy and influential family. His father, along with his uncle Tiberius, was close to Rufus Scrimgeour, the then-Minister of Magic, even going on hunting trips together. Because of their close relationship and respected position in the Ministry, the McLaggens are a wealthy and upper-class family, and Cormac has grown up in luxury.

Fremont Potter

Harry’s paternal grandfather, Fleamont Potter, was born into a wealthy Pureblood Potter family. Before his father, Fleamont Potter died, James Potter inherited a small fortune from him, which he left to Harry. But the family’s future quadrupled after developing Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion. When Fremont retired, he sold the company, amassing even more gold, eventually passing down to James Potter—ensuring the Potters’ comfortable lifestyle (until the Dursleys came along, of course).

Nearly Headless Nick

To give him his full name, almost Headless Nick or Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington would have been a wealthy man. If his name doesn’t say it all, this resident Hogwarts ghost was a Sir before he went headless and thus knighted. Consequently, he was most likely a wealthy landowner and a Royal Court’s wizardry member. As a result, it’s likely that when he died in 1492, he left a sizable financial legacy behind him.

Sirius Black

Despite being disowned by the Black family, another descendant of the Sacred Twenty Eight, Sirius Black, remained a member. One of the most illustrious, powerful, and prosperous Wizarding families was the Black family, also known as The Noble and Most Old House of Black.

Harry Potter

While Harry didn’t have much (or was given little) as a child. Which was his father James’ inheritance (and Jame’s inheritance from his father, Fremont). While this would have guaranteed him a spot on the wizarding rich list, Sirius Black left his fortune to Harry when he died. Leaving Harry with two prominent means from two of the most powerful wizarding families overflowing his bank vault a teenager. He used to sleep under the stairs, so this isn’t bad.

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