‘The Batman’ Star Robert Pattinson Had to Be Told to Stop Stealing 1 Specific Item from the set

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz are busy doing promotions for The Batman. Aside from their perspectives on Final Fantasy 7, the co-stars have disclosed intriguing facts about the set of The Batman. Pattinson claims he was arrested for taking an odd object.

Zoe Kravitz admits to Robert Pattinson that she’s never seen ‘Twilight’

The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, comes nearly a decade after the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Pattinson plays Batman, Kravitz plays Catwoman, Paul Dano plays The Riddler, and Jeffrey Wright plays Commissioner Gordon.

During a recent interview with People Magazine promoting the film, Kravitz told Pattinson that she had never watched the Twilight saga. And his response was pretty hilarious.

“I skipped Twilight. Then Pattinson sarcastically answered, “Yeah, right.” Haters aren’t cool anymore. “2010.”

No, I didn’t see it! “That’s not true – I watched the first one because my best buddy Sky made me go,” Kravitz said. So I don’t recall it. Sorry.”

Robert Pattinson had to be told to stop stealing socks from ‘The Batman’ set

To avoid Robert Pattinson taking socks from ‘The Batman’ set
When questioned about the set during a virtual news conference for The Batman, the actors said no. Kravitz then accuses Pattinson of stealing socks.

Pattinson then admitted to stealing socks from the set of The Batman. “No, I have a lot. So I stopped,” the actor said.

In a recent People Magazine interview, Kravitz admitted to Pattinson that she had never seen the Twilight trilogy. His reaction was very amusing.

“It was simple to depart with socks on,” Kravitz told reporters. Then she wondered if Pattinson did it on purpose or by mistake.

‘The Batman’ star gets emotional playing Final Fantasy 7

“No, it was planned. It was a 156-day shoot, and they were like, ‘how…you have 156 pairs of socks?’ What are you doing with them?’ Don’t ask! Added Pattinson.
In another interview with the French TV show Clique, Pattinson and Kravitz discussed The Batman in a surprising way. Pattinson admits to getting emotional while gaming. And he cried upon Aeris’ death in Final Fantasy 7. When Kravitz joined the chat, Pattinson recounted the love triangle involving Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa.

The love triangle is between Aeris – who has the capacity to cure everyone – and Tifa, who is a sexy little creature, Pattinson said to Kravitz. “Then Aeris is killed.”

The Batman opens in cinemas on March 4.

Robert Pattinson Is Just as Surprised as You That He Is the Next Batman

When Batman director Matt Reeves revealed Robert Pattinson as the new caped crusader, Batman fans worldwide were perplexed. He was also astonished to hear his name associated with the initiative. In fact, Pattinson recently acknowledged that he still doesn’t understand why Reeves picked him for the role.

When DC revealed Reeves would be directing the next Batman solo film, it seemed certain that Ben Affleck would be fired. Originally set to write, direct, and appear in the film, Affleck opted out for other commitments.

The quest for the new Batman began as soon as Affleck revealed his departure.

Pattinson placed his name in the bucket for the legendary role but never expected Reeves to choose him. But after a round of auditions, it occurred.

Do you like Robert Pattinson?

Edgerton: “Rob is my favorite. David Michod’s The Rover made me a tremendous admirer.”

“He’s the new Batman!”
Edgerton: “Knowing Batman is vital,”
According to Screen Geek, Pattinson discussed the role with Esquire in a recent interview. The Twilight star claimed that he did not expect to portray Bruce Wayne in a feature picture and was not a frontrunner for the role.

Inside Pattinson’s first experience in the bat suit

Pattinson also talked about initially donning Batman’s outfit. That classic cowl felt perfect as soon as he put it on.

“It’s absurd. “I never thought it was a viable project,” Robert Pattinson said. “I literally have no idea how I acquired it.”

Pattinson had stated that he was enraged when the news leaked online because he feared it would jeopardize his chances. Desperate after the revelation, the actor said that his crew was unaware Pattinson had gotten the role.

Everything worked out, and Pattinson is now the new face of the series.
“I did,” Pattinson said. “… Instantly, you feel strong. The ceremony of getting into it is really humiliating.”

It took five people to get Pattinson into the outfit, which was incredibly snug around the butt and legs.

In the movie, Pattinson plays a younger version of his persona than usual.

There will be a lot of adversaries in the movie since Batman is still learning to be a detective. So far, we’ve heard about Penguin, Catwoman, and the Riddler, but no casting news.
Robert Pattinson beat over a number of other candidates for the job. Reeves almost chose Nicholas Hoult over him.

In the movie, Pattinson plays a younger version of his persona than usual.

There will be a lot of adversaries in the movie since Batman is still learning to be a detective. So far, we’ve heard about Penguin, Catwoman, and the Riddler, but no casting news.

What else do we know about ‘The Batman’?

Except for Robert Pattinson, Reeves has been quiet about casting. There are speculations that Jonah Hill and Jeffrey Wright from Westworld have been offered roles in the film.

Hill reportedly wants to portray the Riddler while Wright wants to play Commissioner James Gordon. Filming on the project is set to begin in November. The main set will be at Warner Bros.
The actor walked the red carpet for his new film, The Lighthouse. Pattinson wore an all-black suit with little stubble and a new haircut.

Robert Eggers’ horror film features Pattinson as a lighthouse keeper (The Witch). Two lighthouse keepers suffer from solitude in the film.

The film, which has already been screened at numerous film festivals this year, also features Willem Dafoe. The film will be released later this month.

Robert Pattinson will star in The Batman, which hits cinemas on June 25, 2021.

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