The Future of HIMYM Foreshadowed by Ted Casting All Along, There Was a Twist

Bob Saget’s casting as Future Ted appears to have foreshadowed the twist ending of How I Met Your Mother, which saw Tracy killed off. Ted Moseby tells his kid children the story of how he met their mother throughout the series, with Josh Radnor portraying young Ted and Bob Saget portraying Future Ted/The Narrator – until the show’s final scenes. Saget’s casting added a greater sense of nostalgia and comfort for those who remember him from Full House, he’s Ted. But his iconic sitcom role also hinted at HIMYM’s surprise finale.

After nearly a decade of watching, Ted look for his future wife. The titular mother was revealed to be Tracy McConnell in the season 8 finale of How I Met Your Mother (Cristin Milioti). Season 9 alters the storytelling format of How I Met Your Mother by following two timelines: Characters prepare for Barney and Robin’s wedding in the present, and flashbacks show Ted and Tracy’s life together in the past. Tracy has spent Season 9 getting to know and love her. HIMYM ended with a heartbreaking reveal. She had died six years before Ted told their children the story, due to a terminal illness.

Because of Tracy’s death and Ted’s subsequent relationship with Robin. How I Met Your Mother has become one of the most divisive series finales of all time. But the shocking reveal was hinted at from the start due to Bob Saget voicing old Ted. Danny Tanner from Full House is Saget’s most well-known role. A single father who raises his three young daughters with the help of his best friends after the untimely death of his wife. After his wife died unexpectedly. Ted was a family man who had to rely on his best friends to help him raise his young children. In hindsight, this is eerily similar to how Ted’s life unfolds following the series finale.

Future Ted hides Easter eggs throughout How I Met Your Mother. Revealing how close he stayed with While raising his children, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshall and how they all contributed to their upbringing. While Marshall, Barney, and Lily do not move in with Ted to help raise Penny and Luke. With Full House serving as a follow-up to How I Met Your Mother. While the backgrounds of Ted and Danny in the series are far too different to make this a reality. It’s clear that Bob Saget’s casting for How I Met Your Mother went far beyond just nodding to his most popular show.

Given that Bob Saget’s casting as Future Ted foreshadowed his character’s resolution. It’s likely that Future Sophie’s casting will indicate her character’s resolve in the How I Met Your Mother spinoff. Hillary Duff plays Sophie (Ted’s equivalent) in How I Met Your Father. With Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City playing Future Sophie. The Narrator. Cattrall’s casting is ideal. Because her character in How I Met Your Father will be retelling the story of her sex life and relationships in New York. Which is a nod to Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. Suppose young Sophie is anything like Samantha, Hillary Duff’s How I Met Your Father character. In that case, she will struggle when her relationships become too emotionally attached, meaning Sophie will never marry her father.


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