The Top 10 Worst Things The Golden Trio Has Ever Done In Harry Potter

The trio has done some truly horrible things over the course of the seven books, eight films, and a play. They’ve walked right into danger, putting Lockhart in the hospital, and frequently giving Voldemort the upper hand. The list keeps growing, so here are the top ten worst acts of the golden trio!


The gang is obsessed with doing the right thing, even if it means sacrificing their friends and breaking the rules. The Philosopher’s Stone was no exception, with the trio having to venture deep into the castle to keep Quirrell from stealing the stone.


Lavender, on the other hand, is nearly unbearable, with the young Gryffindor head over heels in love with her Ron Ron. Hermione was so annoyed by Hermione’s sickly sweet voice and hideous pink outfit that she cursed and fired attack birds at Ron. He unfairly led Lavender on because he never really liked her.


Despite having a good reason, Harry and Ron should not have stolen Arthur Weasley’s car. Because of the joy ride it took in Chamber of Secrets, the Ford Anglia has become an iconic part of film history.


The actors in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child have been further developed. It’s given fans moments that they feel aren’t true to the wizards and witches they’ve grown up reading and watching.


The trio must occasionally make decisions that are in the best interests of the group. Getting the locket back from Umbridge in order to destroy it is one of those times when an impossibility arises. The only way in was to impersonate some of the ministry’s officials.


During their world-saving mission, Ron chose to abandon Harry and Hermione. Before leaving, Ron had some choice words for the two, jealous of their connection and badly affected by the locket around his neck. He eventually returned, but there were a number of situations in which he could have aided, particularly when Nagini attacked!


The decision to establish the DA was a noble one, as it would aid in the fight against both Umbridge and the Death Eaters. It was a brilliant plan to recruit students from all of Hogwarts and train them in the defence against the dark arts.


It’s a risky business, time travel. Within the magical community, it is generally frowned upon. However, Hermione continued to use the time turner to attend extra lessons. Harry and Hermione used the time turner once more when Sirius received the death kiss and Buckbeak was executed.


Harry learned not to attempt a spell he is unfamiliar with. During a duel with Draco in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry decided to use sectumsempra, a spell invented by Snape during his time at Hogwarts.


Sometimes the most heinous acts are the only options. Take the quest to destroy all horcruxes as an example. Hermione had to eliminate all traces of herself in order to protect her family. This meant she’d have to resort to some dubious spells.

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