This Harry Potter Character Shared his Fondest Memories of Alan Rickman

Author J.K. Rowling had made eight movies based on her popular boy wizard series, and they all used well-known actors and loved to make them. Timothy Spall, who played Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger in the movie, has talked about how much he loved working with Alan Rickman. As one of the characters in the series, Rickman played Professor Severus Snape perfectly, perfectly balancing the character’s good and bad parts.

Snape’s job was to make both readers and viewers think he was wrong with no good qualities during much of the series. Eventually, the show revealed that Snape’s wickedness was just an act. It was a clever covert operation that he and Hogwarts’ headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, worked on together. It was essential that Snape’s casting be perfect for pulling off a character as complex and surprising as this one. Few people would argue that Rickman was the best person to play the role. Rickman, who died in 2016 at the age of 69, was often cast in bad roles during his career. Die Hard and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves are two of his best-known roles. But just because he was good at playing shady characters didn’t mean that was who he was.

During an interview with Looper, Timothy Spall, who played Severus Snape in Harry Potter, had nothing but kind words for the man who will always be known as Snape. With more than 40 years of film, TV, and stage experience, Spall is a legend in the show business. He has starred in six of the eight Potter films with Rickman. It’s been six years since Rickman died, but Spall didn’t hold back when he talked about how great it was to work with him on the Potter movies.

“One thing I can tell you about Alan, even though he died at such a young age. Is that in this day and age, he played so many sinister, frightening, intimidating characters. Not always, but he was very good at it. The man was very different. He was warm, kind, and truly kind. Even when he wasn’t working, he always came in with a group of kids. People always called and asked if they could join the set. He’d be taking friends’ kids to show them around.”

“He once ran into my mother-in-law, who was with my wife. He had never met anyone else except me, and he was very nice to her. They were very charming, very witty, brilliant, and very, very funny. It was also very, very smart and one of the best actors. We’ve had the good fortune of having him and the bad luck of having him die. Having him around was great.”

As a result of Spall’s kind words about his former co-star. Fans can see how much he was respected by those who worked with him. In the end, there is no doubt that without him, Snape’s character would not have been the same. It’s not very often that a movie based on a popular book series gets an actor who can so well play a character’s specifics. Rickman did well as Snape, not just because he was a good actor, but because he understood the conflict and nuances of the essence.

In recent years, there has been a several talk about remaking the whole Harry Potter movie series. The show’s stars have said that this will happen at some point. I can’t think of a way to top the original movie set, even if it does happen. They all have their interested things about the movies, but it’s hard to think of anyone better than Snape when comparing the book and the film.

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