This week in WWE news: Megastar says he’s back, and a former world champion is coming back to face Finn Balor. Superstars who have been released have a new plan for their future (8th March, 2022)

Our daily WWE News Roundup is here again. We try to bring you the most important stories and news from WWE. With the company on its way to WrestleMania 38, things have been heating up a lot more.

#3. This is in our WWE News Roundup from March 8, 2022. Alberto Del Rio has hinted that he will face Finn Balor again.

Ex-WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio made a mysterious tweet. He put up a picture of himself as the United States Champion with a wink emoji next to it. As a result, some think the US Champion is making a hint about a match with Finn Balor for a long time to come.

When Finn Balor beat Damian Priest, he won the United States title. As the US Champion, this is Balor’s first time. A match against Del Rio could be huge for the company because they are well-known to their fans.

#2.  Stone Cold has said that he will be back at WrestleMania 38.

The WWE Hall of Famer has said that he will be at the show. WrestleMania 38 will have Stone Cold there. When Kevin Owens asked him to fight him at the Grandest Stage of All, he said he would “open up one more can of whoop-a-doo.”

You can call this a match, a fight, or an all-out brawl. It doesn’t matter. Stone Cold Steve Austin will open the last can of whoop a** on you, Kevin Owens, at WrestleMania. I’m sure of it. That’s what Stone Cold said.

#1.  Bray Wyatt’s first appearance outside of WWE was shown.

There will be a Showcase of Legends 7 in New York on Saturday, March 13. Bray Wyatt will be there. To save money, he was fired last year.


Wyatt had been unhappy with the creative ideas put together for him, and he wanted to do things his way instead. As soon as he was out of prison, Wyatt decided not to sign with any other company but instead work on his Hollywood career.

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