Unpopular Opinions About Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby shared his journey on How I Met Your Mother with his two great loves, Robin Scherbatsky and Tracy McConnell. While he isn’t wholly dislikeable, many fans believe he isn’t perfect and is far too much of a stereotypical “nice guy.”

Although the series finale was satisfactory, it was rushed.

In a Reddit thread, a fan stated that they thought the series finale was okay. The main issue, however, was that too many details were revealed in too little time. If there had been more time to flesh out the Ted, Robin, and Tracy storyline, the viewer would have been satisfied.Many fans were upset when The Mother died in the final episode of How I Met Your Mother, believing it was far too tragic.

Ted should’ve gone with Victoria.

“Not sure how they could’ve extend it over nine seasons but still,” another Reddit user wrote, implying that Ted should have chosen Victoria. Many fans love Robin and Ted’s love story, while others wish Tracy had survived and he had spent more time with her.

Ted was too romantic when it came to Robin.

Ted was idealistic about Robin, and a fan explained in a Reddit thread, “He yearned to be with her, but if he truly loved her, no one could stand in his way or make him change his mind. Either that or Ted likes the idea of love but has over-idealized it to the point where it’s unattainable?”

Ted Is Both Funny And Romantic.

Ted isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and many aren’t impressed with his take on romance. According to another HIMYM fan who posted in a Reddit thread, Ted is hilarious and romantic. They wrote, “I was surprised to learn that the majority of people dislike him.”

Ted Should Have Been With Zoey

On Reddit, a fan said that Zoey was their favorite of Ted’s love interests. Fans will recall Zoey from Season 6 when she was an activist who made life difficult for Ted by refusing to allow a hotel to be demolished so that a building designed by Ted could be built in its place.

Ted was more effective in the early seasons than in the later ones.

Another HIMYM fan stated that Ted was a better character in the early seasons. They said he was “way too obsessed with Robin” at the end of the show. According to popular belief, Ted was always a dislikeable character, so claiming that he deteriorated over time is a novel perspective.

Ted and Robin’s relationship may only succeed at the show’s end.

Ted and Robin regain together in the series finale made sense. According to a Reddit user, because they weren’t ready to be genuinely together in their 20s. “After they got the happy ending they wanted individually. They could get the happy ending they wanted as a couple,” the fan explained.

Ted Is A Relatable Character

On Reddit, a fan expressed their sympathy for Ted, explaining. “Ted is one of my favorite characters because he is so similar to me. Ted is popular among them because he is flawed and makes errors. People dislike him because he complains excessively, he pines for the same girl (Robin) for an excessive amount of time, and he falls in love too easily, among other things.”

Ted Shouldn’t Be With Tracy Or Robin.

What if neither of Ted’s two main love interests is the right fit for him? On Reddit, a Reddit user expressed an unpopular opinion. More details about the viewer’s thoughts were shared: “Ted would have been unable to move on and return to Robin if Tracy had been The One. Ted would never have married Tracy if Robin had been The One from the start. Because ‘The One does not exist, neither of them is The One. It’s a bittersweet message, but ultimately satisfying one.”

After All, Ted’s Ending Isn’t So Happy Or Romantic.

According to a fan on Reddit, Ted and Robin’s ending isn’t pleasant after all. They claimed that because they had to split up and wait a long time before reuniting. It was “depressing” and not as exciting and romantic as the show portrays.

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