What did Walter White's Heisenberg name mean in Breaking Bad?

What did Walter White’s Heisenberg name mean in Breaking Bad?

Bryan Cranston played the lead character in Vince Gilligan’s AMC series for five seasons. One of the show’s most compelling arcs revolved around Walt’s transformation into the ruthless drug kingpin named after the historical figure Werner Heisenberg. Walter White used the pseudonym “Heisenberg,” whose name had a profound significance throughout Breaking Bad. Here’s why Walter White chose the alias “Heisenberg.”

Walt was a down-on-his-luck high school chemistry teacher before he got into the meth business. Which helps to explain Heisenberg’s meaning in Breaking Bad. The family man turned to cook meth after being treate for cancer. Walt needed a quick way to make money to provide for his family if he died from the illness. Walt had to conceal his identity when he teamed up with former student Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, & the duo managed to get their operation off the ground.

Why Was Walter White Called “Heisenberg”?

Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist, and quantum mechanics pioneer, inspired Walt’s alter ego’s name. Walt would be familiar with famous scientists. The German man most likely drove him. However, Heisenberg’s name and the new appearance enabled him to distance himself from his actions and suppress guilt. Some fans have proposed that Walt was the embodiment of Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle and that it’s the valid reason for the Heisenberg reference in Breaking Bad.

How Was Walt Related to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle?

In its most basic form, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states that an object’s position & momentum cannot be tested to verify. To put it another way, if one critical property is known. The remaining essential properties are unknown. Throughout Breaking Bad, Walt has ring by a similar level of uncertainty. When Walt became a drug lord, his role as a husband and father became uncertain, or vice versa. It became more difficult to predict his actions without measuring his mindset. According to Heisenberg’s principle, observation can influence the subject, preventing a complete analysis. This would tie them to those who discovered Walt’s secret and changed the outcome of his crimes.

What Makes Walter White and Heisenberg Distinct

Despite Walt’s choice of the Heisenberg moniker, he and the famous scientist have many differences. His menial job impacted Walter White’s dissatisfaction with his life as a high-school teacher. While his friend or former friend, Elliott, became a tech billionaire, Walt’s decision to pursue a secure career and a family limited his options. On the other hand, Heisenberg was accepted as a genius scientist at a young age, winning the Nobel Prize in Physics at 31 & marrying later. Walter White’s Heisenberg persona may reflect his feelings that Heisenberg led a successful scientist’s life that Walt did not.

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