What Happened to Percy Weasley during Harry Potter?

Percy Weasley was a crucial character in the early Harry Potter films, but his position shrank as the franchise progressed, so what happened to him?

Ron Weasley is Harry Potter’s best buddy in the Harry Potter series. Unlike Harry, he is from a large family and has numerous siblings, including Percy Weasley. Despite the regular presence in the earlier films, Percy’s position in the film adaptations reduced as the series proceeded. He all but vanished in the later sequels, so what happened?

Percy Weasley is the third oldest of the Weasley children, and like his brothers before him, he achieved noteworthy success as a Hogwarts student. When Harry joined his first year, he was already a Prefect in his fifth year at Hogwarts. He aspired to this position because it came with duties, and he held himself in high respect as a result. One of those jobs was to show the first-year Gryffindor students how to travel from the welcoming feast to their dormitories. As a result, he acted as Harry’s and viewers’ tour guide through Hogwarts.

He was primarily responsible for keeping an eye on the Gryffindors and providing assistance and direction, as well as enforcing the rules. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, he earned the job of Head Boy in his final year at Hogwarts. His biggest challenge as a Prefect and Head Boy was, without a doubt, his own family. He guided the Gryffindor back to their dormitory When the troll broke into the castle on Halloween.

While at Hogwarts, Fred and George were infamous pranksters and troublemakers, and they bullied Percy at home and school. Percy was an odd man out in his family, as he was more distant and snobbish than his parents and brothers, and it was because of this detachment from the rest of his family, as well as his ambitious attitude, that he was expelled from the Weasleys later in the series.

Percy almost vanishes from the film adaptations after graduating from Hogwarts, reappearing in cameo cameos later. Unfortunately, instead of obtaining a well-rounded and comprehensive arc as he did in the novels, his character evolution is reduced to visual queues and unspoken meaning. Percy falls victim to ambition in the stories, but he has learned to value his family and the truth above power by the end of the series. It’s a significant journey that demonstrates that, while people make mistakes, there is potential for them to improve in the future.

Percy stood with the Ministry of Magic after Lord Voldemort’s reappearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Before the Wizarding World accepted, he was returned, claiming Harry and Dumbledore were lying. His desire blinded Percy, and his proximity to Harry catapulted him into the Ministry of Magic’s inner circle. He stayed there until the Battle of Hogwarts, after which he rejoined his family and the Order of the Phoenix.

Percy could not return to his family before that time due to the danger it would bring to everyone he cared about. Meanwhile, his position in the inner circle shielded him from the invading evil wizards. His reunion took place immediately before he witnessed the death of his brother Fred, who died smiling at a joke Percy told during the war. It’s a heartbreaking moment, but it would have been even more so if Percy had never had the chance to reconcile with Fred.

Percy Weasley’s prominence in the series, particularly in the film adaptations, shrank as the series went, although he remained a pivotal figure. He was an important figure in Harry’s student life, and he also served as a stark warning about the risks of allowing ambition to blind you. Percy Weasley may not have been everyone’s favorite character, but he is crucial to the plot.

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