What Would Brooklyn Nine-Nine Have Done If Bruce Willis Had Appeared?

After eight seasons, the hit police sitcom that followed the day-to-day antics of the NYPD’s ninety-ninth precinct has come to an end. The show, which premiered in 2013, follows Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his colleagues to investigate a variety of unusual cases, intense stake-outs, and, most importantly, Halloween heists. The creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dan Goor, has revealed an idea for a possible Bruce Willis cameo that the writers had in mind.

Peralta’s love of Die Hard and desire to be like his hero, John McClane (one of Willis’ most iconic roles), was one of the many recurring gags throughout the series. One episode even takes place at the Nakatomi Plaza, which served as the setting for the first Die Hard movie. Amy Santiago (played by Melissa Fumero), Peralta’s on-screen wife, ordered their wedding cake to look like the Nakatomi, much to the delight of her soon-to-be husband. Many fans of the show hoped that Willis would make a cameo appearance in the series due to the constant references. Still, despite Goor’s best efforts, Willis’ appearance never materialized.

In honour of the show’s finale, Goor and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine stopped by Late Night With Seth Myers (via EW) to talk about their time on the show and answer some tough questions. One of the tweets they received mentioned Willis’ long-awaited appearance and inquired if the writers had any plans in the works for how the veteran actor would appear on the show. If the opportunity had presented itself, Goor would have shared an idea that had been tossed around the writer’s room. Read the rest of Goor’s quote below:

“There are always pitches from the writer’s room that say, “Hey, is there anyone here?” and then he walks in and says, “Hey, is there anyone here?” ‘I suppose not,’ she says as she walks away.”

Samberg also revealed how he imagined Peralta and Willis’ interaction to play out. Samberg added, “In a slightly more heart-warming approach.  “I always assumed it would be something along the lines of Jake seeing him on the street and going insane. ‘Hey, you’re doing great, kid,’ he says.” For the show’s eight seasons, several other celebrities have appeared, including Nathan Fillion, Sterling K. Brown, and Adam Sandler, to name a few. Willis’ inclusion on the list would have been a satisfying payoff for the eight-season joke.

While it didn’t come in the form of a John McClane cameo this time, it was still there. Brooklyn 99 is no stranger to the power of fandom. Thankfully, NBC stepped in to bring the beloved sitcom back for three more seasons. Aside from the cameos, Brooklyn Nine-final Nine’s season has been incredibly well-received. While the writer’s plans for Willis’ possible cameo were far more comedic. And logistically easier to fit into a busy schedule. For many fans, Peralta’s emotional meeting with his lifelong hero. Would have been a tearjerker on top of an already emotional goodbye. And the beloved series has come to an end.

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