When Asked About His Dating History with Julia Roberts, Matthew Perry Asked His Fan to ‘Get Out’

Friends have been one of the most popular and well-loved shows in the world to date. In the show, Chandler Bing, performed by Matthew Perry, was the most remarkable and funny person in the group, and he was very funny. When people saw the character on screen, they also liked how he and his on-screen wife Monica Geller were close (Courteney Cox). But did you know that Chandler Bing once found his Monica in Julia Roberts in real life, but things didn’t work out for the two of them?

After its first episode in 1994, the show had 10 incredible years. The last episode aired on May 6, 2004, making the show 10 years old. Netflix has it, so you can watch it if you want.

Matthew was asked about his relationship with Julia in a video making the rounds on the internet. The actor, who was joking, explained why the relationship didn’t work. When a fan asked, “There was a lot of talk and speculation about Matthew Perry having a relationship with Julia Roberts. Could you give more information about that?” Matthew said, “Get Out,” which made everyone in the room laugh.

Matthew Perry said, “We saw each other for a while, but… ” as he laughed at his previous comment. The actor then explained that he didn’t mean the response that made everyone laugh. He said, “Get Out.” They were “the busiest guy in the world” and “the busiest girl in the world” when they tried to go out, and it just didn’t work out. They are still friends and get along well. Soon after, when someone asked if the actor was dating the actress from Notting Hill, he said, “Yes, it was for real, and it was very for real.”

Julia and Matthew were on the same screen back in 1995 when Julia was on Friends. It took the two of them a year to get to know each other. Julia was in the show as Susie, who goes on a date with Chandler in the episodes, for those who don’t know. But did you notice how Matthew got Julia and Susie to be friends?

It turns out that when Matthew Perry asked Julia Roberts to be on the show, she asked him to write about quantum physics, and she’d write it herself. Bright said that’s what he thought. He wrote a paper and faxed it to her the next day.

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