Who was Courteney Cox’s Favourite Love Interest on FRIENDS?

Courteney Cox, a star of the show Friends, says Monica’s lovers were her favorite. The popular 90s sitcom, set in New York City, followed six friends as they went through their personal, professional, and romantic lives in their 20s and 30s. At the beginning of 1994, Friends put Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc and Cox in the public eye. The show came to an end 10 years after that.

Fans were thrilled last year when the Friends were finally reunited for a long-awaited reunion that saw Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, and Monica return to the set where they played their characters. They then sat down with James Corden to talk about the show. Cox played Ross’ sister on the show. Monica would marry Chandler and have a son together (Perry). During the show’s 10 seasons, Monica and Chandler introduced their new adoptive twins to the rest of the group. Then, everyone said goodbye to Monica’s apartment, which had become commonplace for the show. Monica had a lot of short and long-term relationships before she got her happy ending. Now, Cox is talking about which of these men was her favorite.

While on Hot Ones, Cox was asked many questions about her career, which included her time on Friends. If she had to pick a “favorite or most memorable cameo” by one of Monica’s lovers, she had to say Tom Selleck, George Clooney, Jon Favreau, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Cox noted that Selleck was “the nicest” before joking that he was “the tallest.” Cox also had nice things to say about Favreau. He called him “the best director,” and Cox agreed. Cox’s full quote is below.

Well, Tom Selleck was the nicest, and he was taller than the other people in the group. Jon Favreau is the best director, but he wasn’t directing when I saw this movie back then.

Cox then talked about the pressures of filming in front of a live studio audience. She said that every line or joke had to be the best and that she thinks that was what made the show so good. Richard was one of Cox’s more serious love interests on the show, at least before her relationship with Chandler. Richard was a friend of Monica’s parents, so there was a significant age difference between them. This caused a lot of problems in their relationship.

Often, Selleck is one of the best cameos in Friends, so it’s nice to hear that Cox agrees. Friends came to an end almost 20 years ago, so it makes sense that the Scream star doesn’t remember very much from her time there. So, it’s possible that Selleck had a positive effect on Cox’s time on Friends, so he came to mind when the question was asked. This makes their onscreen relationship even better.

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