Who was the Best Love Interest for Ted Mosby on HIMYM?

It took Ted Mosby a long time to find the love of his life in How I Met Your Mother. It took him nine seasons to finally meet her. But he dated a lot of other women during the time in between. They ranged from sweet to crazy. Fans say that Robin Scherbatsky is Ted’s best match because he ends up with her at the show’s end. But there was another girl from his past who might have been a better match.

He comes to his friend’s wedding on his own in Season 1, Episode 12, “The Wedding.” Ted sees a beautiful girl across the room at the wedding. It’s her name. They spend most of the evening together, which makes Ted think this is the girl of his dreams.

Soon after the wedding, Victoria and Ted start seeing each other. They looked like they were meant to be together. The only reason their relationship came to an end was that Victoria was offered a culinary fellowship in Germany, and the two of them decided that they couldn’t handle long-distance. Ted cheated on her with Robin while she was away.

But if the right time had come, Ted and Victoria would have been a great match. They were a lot more compatible than Ted and Robin were, which is why they were so close. They had a lot more in common and they truly, truly loved each other, so they were very close. Ted sees Victoria again from across the room in Season 7, Episode 3, “Ducky Tie.” Six years after moving to Germany, Ted sees her again from across the room. In the start, he tries to make up with her.

They even have an intimate kiss together before she tells him that she’s getting married. Victoria decides to stay with her fiance because she thinks her relationship with Ted would never work if Robin were around.



As time went on, Robin was in Ted’s life, which made it impossible for him to find true love, so he never did. If they were together, Victoria and Ted would have been able to get together even though it took a long period for them to meet. Victoria was afraid of Robin, and Ted had feelings for her. They met in a different world, and if they had, Victoria would have been Ted’s love. Their meeting was also picture-perfect, which is what Ted always wanted.

Because they stayed together for a long time in How I Met Your Mother, fans thought she was a long-term candidate to be Ted’s wife. Victoria was the show’s “back-up plan” for Ted’s wife if they couldn’t make Season 9. This means that their relationship had the most strength to keep going in the future if Victoria was Ted’s wife.

Ted and Robin end up together, even after Ted’s wife dies. Robin was always meant to be Ted’s last love, but that doesn’t mean she was the best one for him.

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