Who was the Worst Love Interest for Ted Mosby on HIMYM?

Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) was a hopeless romantic who thought he was meant to meet The One, and he never gave up. Nine seasons of HIMYM show him having a lot of serious relationships and casually dating some other women in his search for the right person to spend the rest of his life with. Ted thought he had found the perfect woman for him when he fell in love with a strong dermatologist.

Stella Zinman (Sarah Chalke) was first shown in Season 3. Ted went to a tattoo removal clinic and met her. His lower back had been inked with the butterfly earlier in the season. He hired Stella as his dermatologist to get rid of it. Ted had a crush on her right away, but she told him that she couldn’t date her patients because they were her patients. Ted kept trying to get her to go out with him until the last meeting. She told him that she was a single mother and didn’t have much time for dating.

It took Ted a while to get Stella to like him, but he did it by having a cute two-minute date. He didn’t come to her sister’s wedding because he got cold feet and dumped her. By proposing to her after realizing that he had done something wrong, he tried to get her back and make things right with her. They had been dating for three months. It was only a short time since they met. Stella said yes. According to her own words, she was afraid of having a long-term relationship again. It was a big red flag that she would agree to marry so quickly.

Eventually, it became clear that Ted and Stella were not the right matches for each other. There were several things that she didn’t like about him. She didn’t like his favorite movie.He didn’t like the idea of moving in together. She couldn’t get over the disappointment of her last relationship. However, when her sister’s engagement fell through three days before the wedding.

Even though Robin (Cobie Smulders) had become a good friend, Stella was upset that Ted had invited Robin to their wedding. Ted tried to make her change her mind. She thought it was terrible to have an ex at a wedding because it could make people feel wrong about things they haven’t worked out. During the wedding, Stella ran away with Tony. Stella and Tony had the only unresolved feelings at this wedding, and they were the only ones.

Ted ran into Stella and Tony in New York seven months after their wedding didn’t go well. When Stella left Ted, Tony offered him a job to make up for it. Ted turned it down because he didn’t like Stella anymore and didn’t want to work with her anymore. Tony broke up with Stella after hearing how Ted felt about her. Then she asked Ted to get Tony to take her back, even though he didn’t want to.

There were many flaws in the movie The Wedding Bride, and it made Ted look like the bad guy. During Stella’s story, Ted looked selfish and cruel, even though he was the one who always tried to make her happy. It also showed that Stella had told Tony about Ted and his personal life in the movie, which meant she had told Tony about it. During the following season, Stella’s character got even worse when Ted found out that Tony had made a movie about the three of them together.

A lot of people didn’t like Stella at first. As the show went on, she became the most hated characters in the show’s whole run. In the front, she was the girl who almost got married, ran off with an ex. And then made a fake film about their breakup. There were even a few times when Stella made decisions about their relationship without talking to Ted. Ted agreed because he was so in love with her.

Ted made some bad decisions when he and Stella were together. Stella made herself look like a wrong person when she broke up with Ted in such a wrong way, though. However, Ted had a lot of love interests that turned out to be bad for him. Stella was the worst of them because she didn’t feel bad about breaking his heart.

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