20 Photos Of Big Bang Theory’s Penny And Bernadette, Who’s More Beautiful?

The Big Bang Theory’s popularity is incredible. The show, which debuted to little fanfare in 2005 and has been extended for two more seasons, is the highest-rated comedy on television. The premise was simple: a group of science geeks who are excellent in science but absolute losers with women, who are influenced when a stunning blonde moves in next door.

20. Twisting Away

19. Bikini Bod

18. Red Hot Rauch

17. Sexy Smart

16. Bed Head

15. Kaley Au Natural

14. Leather Hot

13. Hot Cop

12. Besties

11. Poolside Posh

10. Greased Up

9. Pretty In Pink

8. Laundry Lady

7. Rauch Gets Raunchy

6/50 Shades Of Kaley






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