Why does Henry Cavill enjoy 'crying all day on set' of The Witcher?

Why does Henry Cavill enjoy ‘crying all day on set’ of The Witcher?

Season two of The Witcher has been available on Netflix for some time now. Still, the drip-drip of interviews and behind-the-scenes information continues. This time, it’s hunky Henry Cavill (Geralt) and Kim Bodnia (Vesemir) talking about their characters’ interactions. Vesemir is Geralt’s mentor and father figure and one of the few survivors of the attack on Kaer Morgan. Which wiped out the majority of the Witchers. Kim Bodnia, it turns out, had a near-perfect background for playing Vesemir. I lived in the forest for twenty years,” Bodnia says to Cavill.  When I finished telling you about my antics traveling. How it is to be alone truly, you said, ‘You are Vesemir.

“I practiced a new way of crying every day,” says Bodnia. “That’s why I have to travel within my life because you never know if there’s anything else to cry about.” “Yes, I have this thing, without a doubt. Once I’ve used something, I’m done with it, “Cavill continues. “And then I dealt with it. I emotionally processed it because I cried all day on set.” “When I travel all the time, it’s like my body is getting healthier and healthier,” Bodnia says. “So I’ve always thought that being an actor is like healing yourself, like becoming a better person. The most important thing for me, I believe, is to become a better person every day.”

On-screen, the two also discuss their relationship in the context of Cavill’s desire for a more emotional Geralt in the show’s second season, with Cavill claiming that some filmed scenes of this nature were cut. “These [are] two perilous people,” Cavill says. “I know they didn’t cut some scenes, but the softness we brought to that connection, just resting our heads against each other’s heads, it just made so much sense because you can’t fake that.” I thought the acting was faking it, but fair enough: The pair go on to discuss how they approached a specific scene in this regard, which I won’t mention because it might be a spoiler, but the whole thing is above. And the bro train isn’t about to stop anytime soon: Season three of The Witcher is currently in production.

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