Why Neil Patrick Harris’s kids are banned from watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ — for now

And, as anyone who watched the long-running sitcom knows, that’s definitely a good way to describe the scheming womanizer Harris played for nine seasons, ending in 2014. (Harris won four Emmy nods for his performance.) Still, the actor himself thinks Harper and Gideon, the 10-year-old twins he shares with husband David Burtka, might be ready to see that show.

“I think I may go back on that and let them watch,” he says. “It was a mainstream situation comedy, so I think that it’s OK to watch that.”

Harris notes that his little ones did watch all three seasons of A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Netflix adaptation of children’s books by Daniel Handler (under the pen name of Lemony Snicket) that concluded in 2019. He expects to watch some of Doogie, the ‘90s dramedy about a teenager and working physician, with them soon. Harris was just a teen himself, having done just a handful of projects, when he starred in it.

However, the show will soon be back without him, this time starring a girl (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) as a young doctor working while navigating teenage life in Hawaii.

“I’m not currently involved with the revival of the series, but I’m excited to hear that they’re giving it some new life and look forward to catching some episodes with my kids.”

He has several other projects in the works, though, including movies with another ‘90s star, Keanu Reeves. The Matrix 4, which Harris says he’s not allowed to say much about, is scheduled to be released in December.

“I’d never even met [Keanu]. I’d been a fan from afar, and it was exciting meeting such an iconic kind of movie star, with quotation marks around it,” Harris says. “He’s a very lovely, personable, intellectual guy, and any chance I got to spend with him, I absolutely enjoyed. True professional.”

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