Without cameos, HIMY can connect to HIMYM (Not MacLarens)

How I Met Your Father, a How I Met Your Mother spinoff set to premiere on Hulu in January 2022. Follows a new group of 30-somethings in New York City as they try to navigate dating friendships and jobs in a new era. How I Met Your Mother reverses the roles of the original series. Focusing on Sophie telling her son about how she met his father. With Kim Cattrall voicing older Sophie/The Narrator, positioning Sophie as Ted Mosby’s replacement.

 The connection between HIMYF and HIMYM has been confirmed. And it can be done without any original character cameos. Since this timeline was flashed forward in the final season. Original characters have plenty of opportunities to make cameos. Since the announcement that How I Met Your Father and the original series would be connected. Many have assumed that this would mean that cast members from How I Met Your Mother would appear in cameos. 

Ted’s Columbia University Architecture Class

Ted started as an architecture professor at Columbia University in season 5 of How I Met Your Mother. It also allows Ted to be a former teacher of a character from How I Met Your Father. Because the characters in How I Met Your Father were most likely in their early to mid-30s at the time of the premiere, they could have easily enrolled in Ted’s Columbia Architecture 101 class.

Barney’s Blog/The Playbook

While most readers of Barney’s blog and The Playbook are Barney himself, his tricks may have become popular among a new generation due to How I Met Your Father’s timeline. Random bachelors Justin and Kyle were mentored by Barney on The Playbook during season 9 of How I Met Your Mother, implying that these weren’t the men he imparted his wisdom too. Since Barney’s divorce, he’s likely continued blogging and Playbook writing into 2022, making it plausible for one of HIMYF’s male characters to skim through or follow them regularly. 

Robin’s World-Famous News Reporting

By the timeline of How I Met Your Father, Robin Scherbatsky had become an internationally acclaimed news reporter. According to flashbacks from How I Met Your Mother, season 9. Future Ted Mosby reveals to Ted and Penny in 2020 that Robin became famous for her news reporting, traveling. And bullfighting. Because Robin will still be on the air during the 2022 timeline of How I Met Your Father. The new series can include comments from her about a powerful story or one of her famous exploits without having to show her face. How I Met Your Father could put Robin’s likeness on a bus sign or a new ad for the characters to walk by without actually bringing Cobie Smulders back.

Barney & Ted’s Bar “Puzzles”

In season 4 of HIMYM, Barney and Ted had the spontaneous idea to go to Puzzles, a bar, with the allure of the name being, “Why do they call it Puzzles?” That’s the answer to the riddle!” While Ted and Barney never made their Puzzles bar official in How I Met Your Mother, it would be a fantastic in-universe connection to have How I Met Your Father’s characters drink there. Barney and Ted make an impromptu Puzzles bar in Ted’s apartment in a season 7 episode. Barney and Ted may go into the bar in the future.

Goliath National Bank

Goliath National Bank, the world-renowned bank where Marshall, Ted, and Barney work at one point in the series. Is one of the most iconic settings in How I Met Your Mother. GNB could easily tie the two shows together by having a HIMYF character work or have a bank account. Which has several locations throughout New York City and is well-known for credit and banking. How I Met Your Father could use an original cameo to introduce one of its characters as a GNB employee. None of the main characters from How I Met Your Mother worked after the series ended.

“The Wedding Bride” Movies

Robin Sparkles and The Wedding Bride are the most notable fake media from How I Met Your Mother. Tony Grafanello, Stella Zinman’s husband, wrote The Wedding Bride, a big-budget film for which she left Ted at the altar.. But changes it so that he is the good guy and Ted is the bad guy. 

Ted reveals that the first time he told Tracy he loved her was outside a movie theatre. With the marquee showing Wedding Bride III, in a flashback to Ted and Tracy dating in season 7’s “No Pressure.”  This would have happened long before the timeline of How I Met Your Father. But it does indicate that the fictional series is popular enough that the characters in the new show could watch The Wedding Bride movies. If the cast of HIMYF mentions characters from The Wedding Bride like Jed Mosely. They are unwittingly referencing the How I Met Your Mother characters who inspired them.


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