You Should Watch These 15 Shows Like Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The history of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is fascinating. After the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, much long-running police shows reexamined how they propagated police states. 

The Office

If sitcoms had a family tree, “The Office” would be the strange but lovable grandfather who says racist and sexist things at Thanksgiving dinner. While “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” would be the mildly woke grandchild. With Steve Carell’s Michael Scott at the center. Greg Daniels’ irreverent workplace comedy reinvented the genre. 

Parks and Recreation

“Parks and Recreation” is the most prominent “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” relative on our list. Despite the grind of government work, Leslie is upbeat, optimistic, and takes her job very seriously.

The Good Place

“The Good Place” explores the ever-surprising bureaucracy that governs the afterlife. As well as the many philosophical questions it raises. It revolves around Eleanor Shellstrop. A woman sent to a Good Place by mistake when she dies. And Michael, one of the afterlife’s architects.

Rutherford Falls

Yes, “Rutherford Falls” is a “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” relative. Helms plays Nathan Rutherford, a descendant of Rutherford Falls’ founder, who fiercely defends his family legacy amid a fight over a statue of his ancestor. Alongside him is his best friend, Reagan. A Minnetonka tribal member who must balance her community’s interests while attempting to help Nathan.

Angie Tribeca

“Angie Tribeca,” created by comedy power couple Steve and Nancy Carell. Stars Rashida Jones as Angie. A cop who solves all kinds of silly mysteries with the seriousness of “Law & Order.” “Angie Tribeca” is far more absurd than the grounded and emotional “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” among police procedural sitcoms.


“Superstore,” a workplace comedy akin to “The Office,” might be a cousin or uncle to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Justin Spitzer worked as a co-executive producer on “The Office” before starting “Superstore.” Sierra Teller Ordeals, who created “Rutherford Falls,” is one of the writers from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Tacoma FD

At this point, we’re moving away from shows with an unmistakable “family resemblance” to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” “Tacoma FD” may be the show for you if you like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” but wish it was raunchier and set in a fire station. The series follows a fire department full of goofy, incompetent firefighters, co-created by Kevin Hefferman and Steve Let me of “Super Troopers” fame.


On the surface, “NTSC:SD:SUV::” looks a lot like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Both feature stellar ensemble casts and are police procedural comedies. NTSC:SD:SUV:: is an absurdist satire of the genre, whereas “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is an earnest sitcom with grounded relationships and storylines.

Alone Together

“Alone Together” appears to have little in common with the other comedies on this list at first glance. However, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star and producer Andy Samberg, as well as his Lonely Island collaborators Akiva Shaffer and Norma Vaccine, as well as the show’s stars Benji Alamo and Esther Povitsky, co-created the Free form series.


“PEN15,” like “Alone Together,” is a significant departure from the other shows on this list. It’s not like “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation,” which are both workplace comedies. 

New Girl

Except for the fact that the two comedies once shared a network, “New Girl” appears to be nothing like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Close friendships and ridiculous, off-the-wall jokes, on the other hand, lead to a lot of crossovers in the fan bases. Zooey Deschanel portrays Jess Day during her tween years in “New Girl.” Jess is the only woman living with three male roommates, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. 


“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” like “Scrubs,” is primarily a workplace comedy. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” takes place in a police station. While “Scrubs” takes place in a hospital. “Scrubs” follows JD and Turk. JD and Turk are interns at the start of the series, making many mistakes and learning a lot. 

Ted Lasso

“Ted Lasso,” which is more family-friendly than many of the other shows on this list. It is another show that follows the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” formula of combining a workplace comedy with a talented ensemble cast. Bill Lawrence also created “Scrubs” and “Ted Lasso.”


it is an ensemble comedy, similar to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” but that’s where the similarities end.follows a dysf it unctional study group at Greendale College, led by cocky and selfish want to be lawyer Jeff Winger, who faked his way through the bar exam. The study group grows closer over time. Much like the other sitcoms on this list. it follows the friendships and pseudo-family dynamics that develop throughout the series.

30 Rock

Last but not least, we have a show that some consider one of the best comedies of all time. “30 Rock” is a zany workplace comedy starring Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, the head writer, and creator of “The Girlie Show,” a feminist-leaning version of “Saturday Night Live.” Liz has to figure out how to push her creative agenda in an increasingly competitive corporate environment. Led by Jack Dinghy  and her show’s competing stars, throughout the series.

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